Tony Visconti

In the last 50 years he produced some of the most popular and best albums in the world. He collaborated with such stars as Marc Bolan, Thin Lizzy and Morrissey, but his involvement in David Bowie’s works has earned him fame. Over the past five decades, this American producer has worked on thirteen Bowie albums, including “Low”, “Heroes” and the artist’s last one – “Blackstar”.

Tony Visconti was born April 24, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York. His musical adventure began at the age of five after he started learning to play ukulele and guitar. As a teenager, he was a member of a classical brass orchestra (playing – just like Steve Vai – the tuba) and a traditional orchestra in which he was a double bass player. He also continued to improve his skills with rock guitar. All these experiences came back later in Visconti’s career.

His career as a music producer began when he started working for the Richmond Organization label. It was at this company in 1968 that Visconti met Denny Cordell, who asked him for help with Georgie Fame’s recordings in London. This move had a great impact on Tony Visconti’s entire career.

One of the first projects of the American producer in England was with the Welsh band The Iveys (later known as Badfinger). Visconti worked on a few songs that were included on the band’s “Maybe Tomorrow” album. He went on to work with T. Rex, producing seven of their records. One of Visconti’s biggest successes at that time was their album called “Electric Warrior”, which made him one of the most respected music producers. During that time he also produced two Gentle Giant albums.

Shortly afterwards, Tony Visconti started working with David Bowie. Together with guitarist Mick Ronson and drummer John Cambridge, they formed the group The Hype in 1970, recorded “The Man Who Sold the World” and set off on a tour. Visconti was a bass player in the band. He also collaborated with Bowie during the production of “Diamond Dogs” (1974), “Young Americans” (1975), “Low (1977)”, “Heroes” (1977), “Lodger” (1979), “Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)” (1980), “Heathen” (2002), “Reality” (2003), “The Next Day” (2013) and “Blackstar” (2016).

In 1995, Tony Visconti with Woody Woodmansey and other famous musicians founded the band Holy Holy. They toured the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan, performing entire David Bowie’s albums.

Tony Visconti and Holy Holy will perform in Łódź during the 9th International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers Soundedit. The show will take place at Wytwórnia club, on Saturday, 28 October, at 10:30 PM. During the award ceremony, Visconti will receive the “Man with the Golden Ear” award for “lifetime achievements in music production”.

Photo: Holy Holy press kit