Soundedit ’17 – The most mysterious band will perform in Łódź

The Residents are icons in the world of experimental music. They have been around for more than forty years. They have groundbreaking work in electronic, trance, punk and industrial music. At the same time, the band is one of the biggest mysteries in the industry. Nobody knows the true identity of the artists. Also performing will be a true master and pioneer of Polish electronic music – Marek Biliński – who will play a special show for Soundedit’s audience.

Throughout their career, the members of The Residents have never revealed their true identity. Both on stage and during photo sessions the artists are always dressed in costumes and they have the Cryptic Corporation responsible for interviews and promotion.

The Cryptic Corporation’s mission is also to distract fans from the clues that could help reveal the identity of American artists. There are theories that The Residents are actually a band of musicians from The Beatles or Aerosmith.

The Residents will perform at the 9th International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers Soundedit. The concert will take place on Saturday, 28 October, at Wytwórnia club in Łódź.

Another artist performing at this year’s festival is one of the most known Polish composers and a pioneer of Polish electronic music – Marek Biliński. An instrumentalist who uses both the latest and the most legendary electronic keyboards. His compositions are inspired by the best standards of classical and romantic music. His talent, knowledge and imagination combine tradition with sounds of the modern world.

He owes his popularity in the Polish music market to his best-selling album “Ogród Króla Świtu” (The Garden of the King of Dawn) and a video-clip for the track “Ucieczka z Tropiku” (Escape from the Tropics), which was voted the best video clip of 1984 by Polish TV audiences. By then he had already been awarded a Gold Disc and had played many concerts in Poland and abroad (in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Prague, Moscow and Kuwait, among others). Moreover, he was named the most popular multi-instrumentalist for five consecutive years (1981 – 1985).

Marek Biliński will perform at the 9th International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers Soundedit. The show will take place on Saturday, 29 October, at Wytwórnia club. The artist will also be awarded the Man with the Golden Ear Award for ““Visionary and Pioneering Solutions in Music Production”.

– I’ve always wanted the Man with the Golden Ear Award to be a symbol of quality in music production and a truly limited item. It would seem that in June we already announced all the concert attractions. Well, no! We have a Year of Avant-Garde and Soundedit wants to be a part of this avant-garde. We are still preparing some surprises, including more concerts. Soundedit ‘17 program will be very impressive  – says Maciej Werk, the director and founder of the Soundedit Festival.

Tickets for Saturday’s performances by Mark Biliński and The Residents cost 115 PLN. They are available on:,, and at Wytwórnia club (29 Łąkowa street, phone no.: +42 639 55 55,

We’d like to remind you that you can also buy tickets for Gary Numan’s Friday concert and Daniel Miller’s afterparty for 115 PLN. They’re available on:,, and at Wytwórnia club.

There are also tickets for all the concerts that will take place at Wytwórnia Club during this year’s edition of Soundedit Festival. Festival tickets costing 190 PLN are available on:,,

Graduates of the University of Łódz who will come to Wytwórnia club with their Graduation Cards will receive a 10% discount.

We’d also like to remind you of Michaela Nyman’s concert tickets. The event will take place at the Łódz Philharmonic on Sunday, 29 October, at 7PM. The program will feature all of the artist’s best known compositions, including those for Greenaway’s films and “The Piano”. Tickets priced at 199, 149 and 119 PLN are available exclusively on This concert is organized in cooperation with the Artur Rubinstein Łódź Philharmonic.

Michael Nyman will also present his multimedia installation “NYman with a Movie Camera” at Fabryka Sztuki (3 Tymienieckiego street). It will be on display from 29 October till 18 November. Entry to both Nyman’s installation and Brian Griffin’s photo exhibition is free.

The main theme of the festival stays the same – “I Am the Sound”. This is true for anyone who’ll join us in Łódź on the last weekend of October to get to know more about the work of music producers, listen to lectures, take part in workshops and discussions. Soon we’ll announce further surprising events of this year’s edition of our festival that will take place between 26 and 29 of October 2017.

I Am the Sound! I am the tone. I am the music. Welcome to Soundedit. Welcome to Łódź.