Marek Biliński

One of the country’s most known composers, a true pioneer of electronic music in Poland. Instrumentalist who uses both the latest and the most legendary electronic keyboards. His compositions are inspired by the best standards of classical and romantic music. His talent, knowledge and imagination combine tradition with sounds of the modern world.

Marek Biliński was born in 1953 in Szczecin. He is an alumnus of the Academy of Music in Poznań. He began his musical education in the class of violin and later become interested in the piano, clarinet, double bass, drums and bass guitar. During his studies, Biliński began to play jazz and rock music. He was interested in using electronic instruments in music, resulting in the formation of the band Heam. He played with that group in mid-70s. In 1980, Biliński became a member of another group, Bank.

He owes his popularity in the Polish music market to his best-selling album “Ogród Króla Świtu” (The Garden of the King of Dawn) and a video-clip for the track “Ucieczka z Tropiku” (Escape from the Tropics), which was voted the best video clip of 1984 by Polish TV audiences. By then he had already been awarded a Gold Disc and had played many concerts in Poland and abroad (in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Prague, Moscow and Kuwait, among others). Moreover, he was named the most popular multi-instrumentalist for five consecutive years (1981 – 1985).

For the next four years (1986–1990) he was a lecturer in the Academy of Music in Kuwait. At this period he created compositions with Arabic influences. The most well-known composition in Poland that emerged from this period was the symphonic fantasia “Faces of the Desert”. It was supposed to be used in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Kuwait’s independence, but the Iraqi invasion precluded realization of the event. After the Persian Gulf War, “Faces of the Desert” (which was visualized by photos of artist-photographer Jacek Woźniak) represented Kuwait on the Global Exhibition EXPO’92 in Seville, Spain.

After returning to Poland, Marek Biliński recorded new music, including the album titled “Dziecko Słońca” (The Child of the Sun) and presented a recital for Polish TV called “Muzyczne opowiadania” (Music Tales). As a composer, musician and juror he often takes part in radio and TV programs. He has also released his earlier work on CDs. His music appeared in cinema and television films (“Przyjaciel wesołego diabła” and “Bliskie spotkania z wesołym diabłem”, among others), was used in the Polish version of “The Wheel of Fortune” quiz show and during the Gala of the Polish Phonographic Industry Awards – Fryderyk ’96 and Fryderyk ’97.

Marek Bilinski was named as the best composer and virtuoso of synthesizers in 1995 in the Polish professional magazine “Music”. As the first in Poland and in this part of Europe, following the steps of Jean Michel Jarre, he performed great outdoor shows of music and light in Szczecin (1993) and Kraków (1994), which were viewed by a total of 50,000 spectators.

Marek Biliński has released seven studio albums and is still an active musician who performs regularly across Poland and abroad. His latest albums are: the 2014 record “Best of the Best” and “Life in Music” – a double live album released on DVD and CD that includes Marek Biliński’s 2015 concert in Szczecin.

Marek Biliński will perform during the 9th International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designers Soundedit. The show will take place on Saturday, 29 October, at Wytwórnia club. The artist will also be awarded the Man with the Golden Ear Award for “Visionary and Pioneering Solutions in Music Production”.

Photo: Magda Olcho-Bauza