Soundedit ’17 – Precisely about the avant-garde

Soundedit Festival joins the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Polish Avant-Garde. The first concert we can announce will be prepared by the Skalpel duo. Skalpel is largely a deconstruction project. They distil music from the past, keeping those ingredients they consider the most valuable and attractive.

The aforementioned distillation of Polish jazz resulted in compositions found on “Skalpel” and “Konfusion” albums. Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudło – the members of Skalpel – show a similar approach to Western classical music.

During an exceptional performance, which will take place at the Wytwórnia club as part of the Soundedit festival, the group will combine jazz influences with their re-interpretations of Polish avant-garde music. The International Festival of Music Producers and Sound Designer Soundedit – taking place for the 9th time – has always supported special projects. This performance by Skalpel will indeed be one of them.

As for jazz, we’d like to turn to its avant-garde side – free jazz. We can refer here to Tomasz Stańko, Zbigniew Seifert, Andrzej Przybielski or Helmut Nadolski. Also from the history of avant-garde classical music we’d like to pay attention to jazz inspirations, like Penderecki’s “Actions” performed by Don Cherry’s band, Kilar’s “Riff 62” or Kazimierz Serocki’s “Swinging Music”. Extreme jazz improvisation has much to do with contemporary music’s aleatoricism – says Skalpel’s Igor Pudło.

Skalpel is an electronic outfit so it’s not surprising that its members show a lot of respect for Studio Eksperymentalne Polskiego Radia (Polish Radio Experimental Studio). Thanks to its collage character, the concert will be close in form to concrete music and experiments once conducted by manipulating tapes, nowadays also possible in the digital environment.

Polish Radio Experimental Studio was created by Eugeniusz Rudnik. During the 2012 Soundedit festival, the composer and producer, who passed away in 2016, was awarded The Man with the Golden Ear statuette for his “Pioneering Achievements of Music Production.”

Members of Skalpel promise that during their performance they will “edit sounds, just like the name of the festival suggests”. The visual aspect of their show will refer to Polish constructivism and op-art. Their inspirations also include a book titled “Nie gęsi. Polskie projektowanie graficzne 1919-1949” by Piotr Rypson. During the performance, the band will play “Sculpture” – a composition included in “Dzikie Pola – historia awangardowego Wrocławia” (“The Wild West. A History of Wrocław’s Avant-Garde”) exhibition that was presented both in Poland (Galeria Zachęta) and abroad. In 2006, Skalpel was awarded with “Paszport Polityki” (“Polityka’s” Passport).

Festival tickets for Soundedit ’17 – at the price of 80 PLN – are available at The festival ticket is valid for all festival events taking place at Wytwórnia club. The number of tickets in the promotional price is limited.

The main theme of the Festival stays the same – “I Am the Sound”. This is true for anyone who’ll join us in Łódź on the last weekend of October to get to know more about the work of music producers, listen to lectures, take part in workshops and discussions. Soon we’ll announce further surprising events of this year’s edition of our festival that will take place between 26 and 29 of October 2017.

I Am the Sound! I am the tone. I am the music. Welcome to Soundedit. Welcome to Łódź.

Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz